Lip Lift in Menlo Park

Sometimes a small procedure can have a large impact on the overall perception of a person’s youth. A lip lift, much like upper eyelid surgery, is one of those procedures. In this case, a small amount of skin was removed from the upper lip in order to provide rejuvenation and refreshed look. 9 millimeters seems so small, but just look at what it has done to her overall facial balance and perceived youth. Look at…

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Will My Incision Be Visible After a Facelift?

When discussing facelift surgery with prospective clients, I’m often asked about where the incisions are placed and how noticeable they will be once healed. As highlighted in the diagram, my incision follows the natural border of the ear in the front and then wraps behind the ear and terminates in the hair-bearing scalp. In front of the ear, I prefer a “retro-tragal” incision. This means that the final incision is concealed behind the tragus, the…

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Mount Tortoise

I thought it would be fun to mix it up a little bit and highlight some of my interests outside of surgery. Throughout my entire life, I've always had a particular gravitation towards art and creativity. I've always had an itch to work with my hands and keep them busy. It started out mostly with pencil drawing, which eventually evolved to portraits in high school and college. I took a few studio art classes while…

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Facelift FAQ’s

Made this short video with my friend and colleague, Dr. Peter Vila, who is another facial plastic surgeon practicing in Marin, CA. In this video, we discuss some frequently asked questions that we hear from our patients when discussing facelift surgery. Topics include general information on what a facelift is, what makes a deep-plane facelift so powerful, and what to expect in terms of recovery after surgery. I hope you enjoy!

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Modern Hair Transplant

Many of us hear the words “hair transplant” and instantly visualize the plugs that were used in the 80’s and even into the 90’s. This outdated technique relied on removing small areas of scalp, typically 4 mm punches containing 16-20 hairs, and then transplanting them into balding areas of the scalp. This left patients with patchy areas of high density restoration surrounded by bare scalp, which is instantly recognized as unnatural by the casual observer.…

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Dr Gadaleta in action!

Why I Love Nose Jobs!

I often get asked, “what is your favorite surgery to perform?” My response has always been rhinoplasty for so many reasons. Rhinoplasty, AKA "nose job" surgery, is considered by most surgeons to be the most technically challenging operation that we perform. Why is that? For one, there is truly no such thing as an “ideal” nasal shape. Every nose is unique and, therefore, each case has to be customized for that specific patient in order…

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SMAS Layer

The Deep-Plane Facelift: What is it and Why is it Important?

Not all facelifts are created equally. In order to truly understand the evolution of the modern facelift, we must first look back at the history of the procedure. It may surprise you to learn that, in one form or another, the facelift has been around for a lot longer than you may realize - with the first real attempts occurring at the turn of the century. In 1901, a doctor by the name of Eugene…

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Say “Goodbye” to Wrinkles with the Era® Elite!

The facial aging process is complex and involves all the tissue layers of the face, from the deep ligaments and fat compartments all the way to the most superficial layers of skin. While a surgical face and neck lift can address many of those deeper issues, it doesn't address the fine wrinkles that age and sun-damage leave in their wake. As we age, our skin quality deteriorates. Our most outer layer of skin (i.e. the…

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Welcome to my Website!

I could not be more excited to share my new website with you! I have spent the last few weeks hard at work, building this site from the ground up. Although the experience was downright frustrating at times (I have no background in web design), I think that building it from scratch adds a certain amount of my own personality to it. And I could not be happier with the outcome! I tried to design…

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