FraxisPro Skin Rejuvenation

Here’s a little demonstration of skin rejuvenation using the FraxisPro. This device combines microneedling with radiofrequency AND CO2 resurfacing to provide the ultimate skin rejuvenation. So whether you’re looking to erase years of sun-damage, or simply give your skin a little boost before a big event - this is the device you’re looking for! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dominick Gadaleta (@drgadaletamd)


Midface Filler Augmentation

The midface is always one of my initial targets for volumization, whether it be with filler or fat. As we age, the cheek fat starts to shrink and descend. Using a small amount of filler in the right place can re-inflate this area and in doing so, support and improve some of the adjacent structures like the nasolabial folds (smile lines) and the lower eyelids. Subtle is always key, as too much filler in this…

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Using Fillers Under the Eye Area – Is It Safe?

The under-eye area is one of my favorite places to treat with filler. That said, it is also a high risk area. There are important blood vessels in this space that, if blocked, can lead to vision changes or even blindness. That is why it is so crucial to have this area injected by an expert. As a facial plastic surgeon, I work around the eyes very frequently and have intimate knowledge of the anatomy…

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Facial Fillers – What They Can & Can’t Do

I'm very excited to share before and after photos of one of our Thanksgiving Makeover Contest winners. Most of my clients who present for filler are concerned about looking unnatural, over-filled, and puffy. One of the nice things that sets me apart from a lot of injectors is that I am a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. This means that I have other tools in my pocket other than just filler. Filler is great, don’t get…

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CO2 Laser Resurfacing & Facial Rejuvenation

We’re so excited to share our beautiful patient’s stunning facial plastic surgery results. She is now 2 months healed from a natural endoscopic brow restoration , bilateral otoplasty (ear-pinning) and full face CO2 resurfacing. What a beautiful combination if I do say so myself. It all works so harmoniously with her other features and just look at how much sun damage we were able to erase! There is still nothing that comes close to a true CO2…

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Say “Goodbye” to Wrinkles with the Era® Elite!

The facial aging process is complex and involves all the tissue layers of the face, from the deep ligaments and fat compartments all the way to the most superficial layers of skin. While a surgical face and neck lift can address many of those deeper issues, it doesn't address the fine wrinkles that age and sun-damage leave in their wake. As we age, our skin quality deteriorates. Our most outer layer of skin (i.e. the…

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