Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Before & After in Palo Alto

When it comes to the nose, it’s all about the subtle details. Even just a few millimeters can make a big change. For this patient, she was bothered by her droopy tip, low bridge, and asymmetry on frontal view. Using a little bit of filler in just the right places, I was able to address all of her concerns. The procedure takes about 15 minutes and the results last a year or longer. It was…


Non-Surgical Liquid Rhinoplasty

This beautiful patient came to see me with the hope of improving her nasal profile without surgery. She was bothered by her hump and droopy tip. We discussed both surgical and non-surgical options, as well as the associated risks of each. Ultimately, she decided to proceed with a non-surgical “liquid” rhinoplasty. Using a small amount of HA filler, in just the right places, I was able to camouflage her hump and lift her tip. These photos…

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Rhinoplasty To Remove Hump on Bridge

I’m excited to share another beautiful rhinoplasty result! This lovely patient presented to my clinic with breathing problems, but was also bothered by the hump on her bridge. When I looked inside her nose, she had a severely deviated septum that completely blocked her nasal passage. We decided to move forward with rhinoplasty surgery to address both her breathing problems and her cosmetic concerns. She wanted a natural bridge that would balance well with the…

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Menlo Park Rhinoplasty Results

I was blown away when my out-of-town patient sent me this selfie. She is ONLY 11 days recovered from her facial plastic surgery with me. She underwent a complex, 5-hour rhinoplasty that involved a lot of carefully planned structural changes to improve both the form and function of her nose. We also performed some chin liposuction at the same time to get rid of that stubborn pocket of fat that is so hard to lose…

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Scarless Closed Rhinoplasty Before & After

Here’s an immediate, on-the-table before and after photos of a recent scarless, closed rhinoplasty. Our goal was to improve the shape of the bridge in a natural way, as well as improve the breathing by correcting a deviated septum. Can’t wait to share her photos when she’s recovered! To see me as a patient at either my Palo Alto, San Mateo, or Menlo Park location, call 650.847.1466 or contact us.

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Rhinoplasty to Improve Breathing

This patient came to see me for trouble breathing through her nose. You don’t even need to look inside of her nose to appreciate just how badly her septum was deviated. Since she was going to need surgery to improve her breathing, she also wanted to refine the shape of her tip at the same time. She was bothered by the slight droop and hump, which was most apparent when she saw photos of herself…

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Dr Gadaleta in action!

Why I Love Nose Jobs!

I often get asked, “what is your favorite surgery to perform?” My response has always been rhinoplasty for so many reasons. Rhinoplasty, AKA "nose job" surgery, is considered by most surgeons to be the most technically challenging operation that we perform. Why is that? For one, there is truly no such thing as an “ideal” nasal shape. Every nose is unique and, therefore, each case has to be customized for that specific patient in order…

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