Otoplasty Surgery to Improve Symmetry

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Starting off the new year with another great otoplasty result. This patient is now 1 month recovered from her plastic surgery, and could not be happier.

The goal of the procedure was twofold:  

  1. Bring the ears closer to the scalp
  2. Improving her symmetry

She was an interesting case, as she started out very asymmetric. You can see on her photographs that her left ear actually protruded more than her right.

Protruding ears can be caused by excessive conchal cartilage and/or lack of an antihelical fold. On her right side, she had excessive conchal cartilage in isolation, while her left side had both excessive cartilage and lack of a fold.

Her otoplasty surgery took about an hour and was done under local anesthesia with her completely awake and comfortable. All of her incisions are hidden behind the ear and heal practically invisibly as you can note in her before & after photos.

I love how such a short procedure can provide such a tremendous impact! She’s such a wonderful person and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to care for her.

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