Dawn Resco Avatar

About 10 years ago it was recommended I get surgery for a deviated septum. I suffer from allergies and sinus issues. Covid hit and I was working from home and thought I might revisit the idea of fixing my deviated septum and making my nose look perfect at the same time. I consulted with Dr. G and after looking at my nose he said he was surprised I could breath. Then we worked together to decide on the cosmetic changes to make to my nose. He showed me some morphed pictures and it was a hard decision as how does one pick out a nose?? We talked about what he thought would be best for my features and I trusted him to make the final decisions while in surgery. All I can say is why did I not do this 10 years ago! After surgery I could breath so much better! It is amazing how you can live your life when you don’t know any better. My deviated septum is fixed and Dr. G made my nose look very natural with a much softer look. I actually have a cute nose now. I am very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend Dr. G. He is very patient and makes sure all your questions are answered before the procedure so you feel confident in his hands. After spending time with Dr. G for my consultations and follow ups you learn very fast that Dr. G is very passionate about what he does and sincerely want his patients to be very happy with the final results and I most certainly am. People who see my nose want to get their nose done too. I say see Dr. G!!

Dawn Resco 9/14/2021
Susan Chainer Avatar

Dr. Gadaleta has “CHANGED my life”. With my recent neck and facelift. I am a 62 year old woman who just lost her partner after a yearlong battle with cancer. As her primary caretaker, I gained 20 pounds and wore all of my sadness on my face as my cheeks sagged and began falling into my neck. My partner died in March and I was a total wreck when I first visited Dr. Gadaleta in April 2021.In June 2021, Dr. Gadaleta performed an extensive face and neck lift surgery on me which has made me look at least 10 years younger. Surgery will not bring my partner back but it has given me a fresh new look on life while I work through the grieving process. Having the surgery when I did was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Dr. Gadaleta is a brilliant surgeon who is also very compassionate. He respected what I had gone through and why I needed to do something for myself now. He is a talented artist who through his vision and knowledge has brought back smiles to my face.I highly recommend this surgery and Dr. Gadaleta without hesitation. He is a highly trained surgeon who specializes in face and neck surgery. There is nothing more important than one’s face. You can definitely trust your face, and heart, with Dr.Gadaleta. He has CHANGED my life. Thank you, Dr. Gadaleta!

Susan Chainer 9/14/2021
Elle Papademetriou Avatar

I disliked my nose for over 20 years. 20 whole years! While I appreciate my strong Greek features, the size and profile of my nose always bothered me. I went to countless plastic surgeons in LA, NYC and Miami for consultations, but left the appointments feeling uncertain and never pulled the trigger on getting a rhinoplasty though I had always desperately wanted one.I visited Dr. Gadaleta in January of this year (2021) after being recommended to him for yet another consultation, but this time, it was different. I only briefly spoke about why I was in his office, then asked him to tell me what he would do to my nose. His response was perfectly in line with what I wanted to hear and what I wanted for my nose – and his bedside manner was unlike what I had experienced in the past. I didn’t feel uncomfortable, rushed or that I was “just another number.” On the contrary, I felt safe. Dr. Gadaleta took the time to explain what he would do – and why – photos, exam, etc. I didn’t want a “new nose” where I looked like a completely different person, I wanted a refinement to improve the aspects of my nose I disliked and didn’t make me feel awesome (the hump on my bridge, the projection, the drooping tip and the shape of my tip). The consultation with Dr. Gadaleta was the turning point for me. I knew that when I was sedated, I could trust him and in my gut, I knew I would be happy with the results. After that appointment, I eagerly scheduled my surgery.In the days leading up to my surgery, Dr. Gadaleta’s staff called to confirm, ensure everything was in order pre-op, answer any questions, etc. Dr. Gadaleta called me, as did the anesthesiologist. On the day of surgery, naturally, I was nervous. Dee, my nurse, was an absolute gem at putting me at ease with her positivity, humor and compassion. As someone with anxiety, I appreciated this more than she will ever know. The anesthesiologist was attentive, too, and addressed my nerves. Next thing I knew, I was awake and heading home. The recovery was just was as Dr. Gadaleta explained almost to a “T.” Follow-up office visits and check-ins from Dr. Gadaleta and his team were wonderful and timely. I am now 2 months post-op and I could.not.be.happier with my new and improved nose! Dr. Gadaleta made so many improvements to my nose (ones that I notice especially) and it still looks so natural. Turns out, I also had a deviated septum, which Dr. Gadaleta repaired, so now, I can breath better than ever. Bonus! I did this surgery for me, but the feedback from friends and family has been so incredibly positive and amazing to hear. I’m no longer insecure about my profile and I still look like me, which makes me equally happy and relieved.I can’t recommend Dr. Gadaleta enough – in fact, I’ve already had several friends schedule their own consultations. My only regret is not having seen/meet Dr. Gadaleta sooner. Go see Dr. G and you won’t be disappointed.

Elle Papademetriou 8/14/2021
Melissa Brown Avatar

I wish I could give him more than 5 stars!!! Dr. Gadaleta is amazing! I recently did a rhinoplasty procedure (my first major surgery) and I was so nervous. Dr. Gadaleta was there every step of the way and never hesitated to answer my frequent and often repeating questions. He genuinely invests in his patients and always took time out of his busy schedule (no matter what time of day or night) to not only respond to my needs but to offer support to my family members as well! He did a beautiful job on my nose and it came out better than I could have ever imagined. He provides a well-rounded and holistic approach to patient care- imparting expertise on the physical components of surgery while preparing me for and comforting me during the psychological aspects too. I wish he could be my doctor for everything! If you want a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate expert look no further!! I couldn’t have had a better experience and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for facial or rhinoplasty surgery!!

Melissa Brown 7/14/2021
Peter Tucci Avatar

Thank you Dr. GYou know the deal. My nose was broken… couldn’t breathe through my nose and it would bleed all the time. I didn’t really consider rhinoplasty as an option… but after a few referrals I landed with Dr. G.He met me at my level of understanding with doctor speak. It seemed more like a good option than a big surgery. I was like while your under the hood could you repair the broken look. I was scared I’d look pinched. However…I just look more like I did in high school before it broke. He’s just warm and caring and I felt safe. I now realize how crooked my nose was before. I sleep better and haven’t had a nose bleed since like not one. Did I mention I had like 2 a day. Anyway he’s the best. I’m said he moved but I’m glad you can check him out 😉

Peter Tucci 4/14/2021
Laura S Avatar

Such a positive experience! I only wish I’d seen Dr. Gadaleta sooner.Dr. Gadaleta’s warmth, supportive manner, expert listening and explanations made it easy to move forward with surgery. He put me at ease immediately and by the end of the appointment, I was certain I was in the best hands. I’d heard him spoken about as an excellent surgeon and very kind, and that’s a completely accurate description. Dr. Gadaleta created an open and supportive dialogue that made it easy to talk. We discussed what bothered me about my nose, and he shared his observations and recommendations. He gave me excellent information about each choice. I was worried I’d feel overwhelmed or confused, but instead I felt increasingly calm and confident. It was a relaxing and warm conversation. He took photos and showed me options for my nose. He noticed details about my features and I saw how he was aligning those parts of the clinical exam with his aesthetic sense for my nose. I was impressed by his aesthetic sense and judgement and I felt one hundred percent confident that he would take excellent care of me. The scheduling staff, nurses, and anesthesiologist were also very caring and took such good care of me every step of the way. Dr. Gadaleta encouraged questions and checked in with me frequently after surgery. My nose now looks absolutely fantastic –better than I could have ever wished! I am beyond happy with the amazing overall result, the improvement to specific issues, and the natural look. I couldn’t be happier with my nose, with the overall improvement to my entire appearance due to my nose, and I couldn’t be happier with my entire experience with Dr. Gadaleta. I only wish I had contacted him earlier. Such a positive and smooth experience.

Laura S 3/14/2021
judith huddleston Avatar

In early December 2020 Dr. Gadaleta did a procedure to lift my upper left eyelid . In addition, he did laser resurfacing around both eyes to repair extensive sun, wind and age damage resulting from my active outdoor life style… sailing, surfing, tennis and snow skiing.I was impressed with Dr. G during our initial consultation. He listened to me, was easy to talk to,had a warm bedside manner and took the time to thoroughly explain the procedure as well as other options .The procedure was completed in a painless fashion.. I felt safe and in good hands every step of the way .His staff was friendly, welcoming, and the head nurse was quite funny !Dr. G was available after my procedure and throughout my recovery to help ease any concerns that I had . The procedure went well and my eyes arelooking younger and great !Dr. G is a very skilled facial plastic surgeon. He trained with some of the most renowned facial plastic surgeons in New York .Best of all …. he is a really nice guy !If you are considering having work done I highly recommend you see him for a consultation.

judith huddleston 1/14/2021
Hannah Cenci Avatar

Dr. Gadaleta made my forehead dreams come true. Both professional and friendly, made my first Botox experience impecable. The end result was extremely natural but refreshed look. I plan on returning regularly and would recommend to anyone!

Hannah Cenci 12/14/2020
R. Gutierrez Avatar

Dr. Gadaleta performed a minor submental liposuction for the appearance of my double chin four months ago. I was very nervous about having a scar or experiencing pain. Dr. Gadaleta and his surgical team were extraordinary. He took the time to address my questions and concerns. It was a quick and painless procedure under local anesthesia. I had minimal bruising, due to the Arnica Montana capsules Dr. Gadaleta recommended I take one week prior to my procedure. I’m very impressed with my results today. I no longer hide from taking pictures or having to wear turtlenecks. I want to express my sincere appreciation for the best care and professionalism to Dr. Gadaleta and his team. I highly recommend him to my friends and family.

R. Gutierrez 11/14/2020
Agustina Vasques Avatar

Thanks You do mucho for My procedure I am extremely happy with my results and also with the professionalism You tráete me with. I highly recommend You practice. I never imagined I woild have such good results. Im very happy patient..

Agustina Vasques 10/14/2020
L. Fernando R. Avatar

Dr. Gadaleta couldn’t be more caring, skillful, and Professional.I sincerely trust him, his medical knowledge, and his judgment. He makes you feel at ease, and I’ve never had better or more personal care from a Plastic surgeon. Highly recommend!

L. Fernando R. 10/14/2020
Lauren Vidaich Avatar

Dr. Gadaleta is very thorough with his consultations and makes sure his patients feel extremely comfortable. My Botox always looks great and my lips look very natural after he does my fillers – every time! No bruising and barely any swelling afterwards. Last but definitely not least, he’s very personable. It’s always a pleasure going to him. I highly recommend a visit.

Lauren Vidaich 10/14/2020